Los Aljibes


Los Aljibes Estate has got a broad area of prairies, stables, farrowing crates, a horse clinic, an indoor riding arena and an outdoor riding arena. There is also a 6 horse walker.

We have got several independent prairies where all our horses spend most of their time. According to the age, sex and state of the horses, they will go from one to another so that all our horses grow in open air.

There are two stables. There is one with males and studs, with 18 boxes; and another independent and far one from the former, with 24 boxes just for females. These facilities also include two patios of 120 square meters each, where we dry our horses after washing them.

In the stable for female horses, there are two independent and isolated farrowing crates of 20 square meters each, where the mares give birth calmly. These two farrowing crates are controlled with cameras, so that we get to know what happens during 24 hours a day.

We have got our own clinic in Los Aljibes, where our vets perform the scans to the pregnant mares and the necessary controls to our horses. A perfect place where to work comfortably.

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