Grape selection is performed in three stages: firstly, bunches are selected in the field before ripening and the process ends with the picking; the second selection occurs in the winery where grapes are received on a selection table where leaves and undesired clusters are removed. Once grapes are destemmed, they go through a new quality control so that finally only the most suitable ones will ferment in the winery.

Winemaking is exclusively performed with our own grapes in stainless steel tanks with the latest technology such as auto-macerators and inner waterfalls. The malolactic fermentation are performed in 18 French oak vats of 10,000 litters and French oak fudres of 5,000 litters, which are also used for wine blending.
The aging is carried out in wine cellars, in an environment of controlled temperature and humidity in order to achieve the best quality during the stay of our wines in wood. Both the French and American oak barrels are below four years old.

Bottling comes next, either for its immediate sale (white and rosé) or quality improvement. The second option allows wine to refine, rounding up in bottle so as to be placed on the market at the ideal time for consumption.





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